Wonders Never Cease

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  • IGNr.404
Hybridizer's Comment:  Check out this fantastic sibling to  'Thundering Ovation' .... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wonders Never Cease"

Hybridizer's Comment: Check out this fantastic sibling to 'Thundering Ovation'. In written description they sound similar but in fact they are so very different. Standards are cream narrowly edged in soft gold lace. Very fine greenish gold veins radiate up and out from the midribs. The upper third of the fall is white covered with a fine network of wine sanded and dotted veins. The lower two-thirds is medium yellow-gold with veins becoming darker brick red, then heavier brick red wash. This terminates in a startling quarter inch pie-crust ruffled band encircling the falls. This is one of my favorite flowers. Placement of the flowers is a bit unusual. Well-spaced branches tend to elongate too much causing the flowers to end up on a diagonal plane toward the top of the stalks. You definitely won't mistake WONDERS NEVER CEASE for any other iris. Each year it has been a joy to see.

Farbe Domblatt: Weiß
Farbe Hängeblatt: Creme-Elfenbeinweiß, Lila, Rosé, Weiß
Farbe Bart: Gelb, Weiß
Höhe: 101 cm / 40 inches
Saison: Früh - Mittel
Wiederblüher: Nein - blüht jährlich nur Einmal
Zusätzliche Infos: Rüschenartig gerafft
Duft: lieblich
Züchter: Black
Am Markt eingeführt seit: 2007
Auszeichnung: Honorable Mention, Award of Merit
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